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TFF StudentThe Leadership Achievement and Mentoring Program (LAMP) is designed to equip youth with resources and essential skills necessary to become active leaders in their schools and communities. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum in which students are exposed to leadership styles, public speaking, character building, college preparation, and much more. Leadership development is beneficial to students throughout their high school, college, and even professional life. A 2009 study at the University of California Santa Barbara found that students with leadership roles in high school were more likely to hold managerial positions as adults, earning higher incomes than those in non-leadership roles. LAMP is intended to shape and empower the next generation of leaders.



Leadership Opportunities for High School Students:

  • Academic teams (math team, debate club, etc.)
  • Arts (theater, band, choir, glee club, dance, etc.)
  • Athletic teams
  • Community service/volunteering
  • Employment (afterschool jobs, internships, etc.)
  • Peer tutoring/advising
  • Political organizations (alliance of students of color, international relations club, etc.)
  • Publications (school newspaper, literary magazine, yearbook, etc.)
  • Student government

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Another major component of LAMP is tutoring and mentoring. Students requiring extra help in school subjects receive homework assistance to promote academic excellence and achievement. Students are paired with mentors who provide insight, knowledge, and empowerment throughout the program and beyond.


High school graduation is an economic imperative in today’s global economy driven by knowledge and innovation. Mentoring is a positive youth development strategy that supports the Grad Nation goal of attaining a 90 percent high school graduation rate by the Class of 2020. Research has shown that mentoring has significant positive effects on two early indicators among high school drop-outs: high levels of absenteeism (Kennelly & Monrad, 2007) and recurring behavior problems (Thurlow, Sinclair & Johnson, 2002).


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At the conclusion of LAMP, participants will exhibit:

  • Broader knowledge of leadership skills and professionalism
  • Improved grades and test scores
  • Increased confidence
  • Lasting relationships with mentors and peers
  • College preparation and readiness
  • Community involvement and team work
  • Positive attitude and behavior; discipline

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