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Fortune Leadership and Academic Excellence Scholarship

Fortune Scholarship


The purpose of the Fortune Leadership and Academic Excellence Scholarship is to reward minority students who are proactive in their community and show exemplary leadership and significant improvement in their grades and test scores. All scholarship candidates will be required to submit an online application containing essay questions, a transcript, and one recommendation letter. The Scholarship Committee will evaluate all applicants using a rubric and point system. The applicant(s) with the highest score will receive a financial reward. Individuals awarded the scholarship must provide their college acceptance letter before receiving the award.

Scholarship eligibility


Scholarship eligibilityEligibility

  • Resident of Washington D.C., Maryland, or Virginia
  • High School senior
  • 2.5 minimum GPA
  • College acceptance letter
  • Transcript
  • Recommendation letter



Up to 3 recipients: $1000 each


Deadline for Application

May 31, 2023



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